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Country Cubby House

The Blue Country Cubby has handcrafted saloon doors, 3 open windows, a small veranda and mailbox. This professionally crafted cubby house is made of quality material, fully painted and is built as a single piece that is light enough to lift by 2 men.

Garden Envi builds strong and durable cubby houses that are great for energetic kids. We use 75mm batten screws for strength and durability and we fully secure all materials with galvanized screws.

Country Cubby with Saloon Doors

1200 x 1600 x 1700 mm high

1 Saloon Door
3 Windows – no glass
Vaulted Ceiling
Grey Fiberglass Laminated Shingle Roof
Quality Finish with exterior acrylic paint
Child Safe Timber and Materials
Timber Base